Nordhavn 62 - MV Pendana takes to the world's oceans
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Pendana are big supporters of Pantaenius Insurance (German Co.) and as such were happy to help.  Travelling around the world on a boat having insurance which is written on Lloyds of London paper beings a certain piece of mind.  That said, we would all be more than happy to never have to use it!  I talked about insurance and world travel in an earlier blog, here.

Pantaenius Insurance Pendana Ellingford

Nordhavn Interview Pendana Family

The purpose of this blog is document our travels aboard Nordhavn 62 Pendana.  What is Pendana?  Well, Pendana is a full displacement, 80 gross tonne ocean going vessel that will carry our family safely around the world as we embark on a circumnavigation, by ourselves, as a  family.  Both my wife (Claire) and I have owned boats most of our adult lives. From the early days of owning a Bertram 25 to a Magnum 35 sports boats and finally a Riviera Passagemaker 46.  Once retired, we started our intense search for the perfect Nordhavn 62, and thankfully found Pendana.

We hope you enjoy this blog as we travel aboard Pendana to fantastic far away places.  If there is anything you would like to know or see then please feel free to drop me a line via email to james.ellingford@gmail.com.

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Contact Us:  If you have a question or comment please feel free to email me at james.ellingford@gmail.com

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