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“Cruising Conversations – A Million Nautical Miles and Counting”, Volume One starts shipping internationally now. 

Cruising Conversations - A Million Nautical Miles and Counting”, volume one holds within its pages interviews with some of the modern day heroes of our time when it comes to global cruising. These global cruisers share their experiences and mistakes that they have made on the water which make this an excellent reference for all owners of any boat and in particular is a great guide for any dreamer out there intending one day to go to sea.

Cruising Conversations”, volume one is a series of interviews with current and retired global cruisers which is an editorial treat, as it glimpses into the lives of others who share their actual real life experiences - both good and bad - of cruising at sea.  This book includes over 150 full colour high resolution photographs. 

This book is a real treat for one’s senses, a pictorial feast for one’s eyes, a great reference tool for one’s library and a must have for all those who love boating in general.  With this book one quickly gets the sense of the quality that is held within the 370+ pages of text.


From Family To Crew

The trials a tribulations of the first twelve months of ownership of Pendana N62 are laid bare for all to see.  Book includes check lists as well as, all the lessons learned over the previous twelve months. The hope is that by sharing the lessons we have learned we will save others from making the same mistakes.

The Foreward of this book has been written by Nordhavn guru Mr Ken Williams (kensblog.com).  What Ken doesnt know about Nordhavns is simply not worth knowing!

From Family To Crew also covers the many trips taken on Pendana - including Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to Gold Coast return, Port Stephens to Sydney and the back story with actual forecasts as to why our first real open water passage across the notoriously dangerous Tasman Sea from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand did not take place.

Jam packed with over 150+ full colour photos/images and hundreds of pages of text this book is a must have for all boating enthusiasts.

The final chapter discussed the actual costs involved in ownership and shows each and every cent spent on Pendana during its first year of operation.



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Crossing An Ocean Under Power 

A book that I cant recommend highly enough is "Crossing and Ocean Under Power" by Mr Ken Williams.By: Ken Williams 

10th Anniversary Edition - FULL COLOR! 
Released: July 2013

Sailors have crossed oceans for centuries, but the era of couples cruising the world in small powerboats is just beginning. The author starts out with limited long-range boating skills, but a strong desire to learn them. As he chronicles the trip across the Atlantic, he shares his parallel journey from "coastal cruiser" to "ocean crosser." Readers learn these same lessons with each passing page as Sans Souci, the Williams’ boat, travels as part of the first Atlantic powerboat rally—a fleet of 18 small power boats averaging just 50’ in length, owned and operated mostly by retired couples. In this "Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Oceans," Ken’s honest, entertaining style will keep you turning pages as you travel with the crew of Sans Souci to experience life at sea: satisfying work, warm camaraderie, and, memorable adventure. This 10th Anniversary Edition adds new details, color images, and retrospective insights from author Ken Williams, other rally participants, Nordhavn CEO Dan Streech, and Nordhavn's co-founder and the Atlantic Rally's creator, Jim Leishman. Click on image below to link directly to Kens page and blog site/  There are few that know more than Ken, although he won't admit it!