Pendana carries three registrered EPIRBS.  An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency.  It does this by transmitting a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency via satellite and earth stations to the nearest rescue co-ordination centre. Pendana's EPIRBS are all registered with location information so that Search & Resuce organisations throughout the world will know which one have been activated i.e. Pilothose, Ditchbag or Liferaft.

Pendana also caries four PLBs (Personal Location Beacons) which work in exactly the same way as EPIRBs do by sending a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency which is relayed via the Cospas-Sarsat global rescue satellite system.

Emergency PLB

PLBs, once activated, will transmit for a minimum of 24 hours; while the battery life on an EPIRB is at least double (a minimum of 48 hours). An EPIRB is registered to a vessel, whereas a PLB is registered to a person. This means that if you are crewing a yacht and you switch to a new yacht the plb is still correctly registered; however, if you have an EPIRB and buy a new yacht you will need to re-register it when installing in your new boat. All PLBs will be worn while Pendana is at sea.  Link to a recent blog re PLBs can be found here: CLICK HERE.