David and Sue Ellen Jenkins

Guest Interview – Knot Wafflen - David and Sue Ellen Jenkins Aspen C-120 40ft Catamaran.

So David, tell me a little about this 10,000nm journey? Well, I wanted to do a lot of boating and become an expert boater, one way to do that is to do a ton of sea miles.  Having Aspen help sponsor the trip has allowed me to fulfil this dream and helped make it all possible. When you purchased your Aspen 40, what were the key features you were looking for? I was looking for distance and speed. I am not a slow boater, that said however, I do love sailboats but basically I like to get to wher...
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Denis and Mary Umstot

Guest Interview Denis and Mary Umstot - Teka III

So, Denis, tell us a little something about your cruising to date and where you have been so far? We have been cruising for over 35 years starting in the Pacific Northwest when we lived in Gig Harbor, Washington.  For the first 15 years we cruised in summer when I did not have to teach at the University of Puget Sound.  We mostly visited the coast from Gig Harbor (near Tacoma) to the Broughtons of British Columbia. We started out with a 23’ Tiderunner full displacement cabin cruiser with a sm...
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Guest Interview - Craig and Marie Mundie – N86 Serendipity

So, Craig, tell us a little something about your cruising to date and where you have been so far? We bought Serendipity in September of 2013.  We moved her to La Paz, Mexico for the winter and then brought her up to her home port of Friday Harbor, Washington in April of 2014.  We made the trip in two one week sprints, first to Dana Point in early February, and then to Friday Harbor.  Since then our cruising has been confined to the Puget Sound and British Columbia.  In 2015 we circumnavigated...
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Jeff Sanson

Guest Interview Jeff Sanson - Pacific Yacht Management

So, Jeff, tell us a little something about you and your background in the marine industry? I started my career at age 13 on the sport fishing docks of San Diego. The deckhands would pay me $3.00 to clean a toilet when the boats returned from albacore fishing for the day.  They were nasty!  Then the captains hired me to clean the engine rooms for $10.00 and clean the bilges. Back then the boats all ran GMS and they puked oil and the bilges were an oily mess and the engine rooms were about 110 d...
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Donna and David

Guest Interview – Donna and Cal – New Fidelity N57

So, Cal, tell us a little something about your cruising to date and where you have been so far? We started cruising in 1985 on “Quicksilver Girl” a 34 ft sloop which was primarily in Florida and the Bahamas. In 1992 Hurricane Andrew hit Miami and sunk our boat. In 1994 we bought an Alden 44 “ Exile”and cruised the Bahamas, Caribbean, East Coast US/ Mediterranean for 10 years and finally San Francisco. Since acquiring “New Fidelity” we have cruised the East Coast of the US, returning to Spain, ...
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Callum McCormick

Guest Interview Callum McCormick

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So, Callum, tell us a little something about your current role as Captain in charge of all things Nordhavn? Regulars will know that nearly 10 years ago, I had a contract across my desk to sell my company for a figure just shy of £5m. Unfortunately this was about 4 weeks before Lehman Brothers went pop and to cut a long story short, the deal evaporated and over the coming years, I nearly lost the lot. In the 4-weeks that I imagined myself as a minnow in the world of high-finance, I cruised th...
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