Medical Kit and Defibrillator

Pendana carries two full medical kits and an AED Debibrillator unit ans as such, we can now handle just about any situation at sea and keep a patient comfortable until we reach land.  

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Both my wife and I have undergone medical training specifically designed to deal with events and incidents at sea which was a real eye opener.  I didn't realise how many varied, interesting and well intentioned actions can actually kill a person. That being said,  if a medical emergency does arise we will be able to administer all manner of drugs on permission from a medical practioner who we would in this situation raise on the satellite phone.

 medical kits


Air Splint Half Arm x 2

Air Splint Leg x 2

Syringe only 6ml x 3

Syringe only 30ml x 2

Guedal Airway Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. X 1 each size

Syringe w/needle 3ml x 30

Thermometer x 1

Sodium Chloride 90mg in 10ml x 5

Suture Needle and thread size 3 x 3

Nitrolingual Pump Spray 400 ncg dose 200 dose (Glyceryl Trinitrate) x 1

Oxycodone Capsules 5mg x 20 tabs x 2

Adrenaline Injection BP 5 x ampoules of 1 ml x 2 packs

Pethidine Hydrochloride injection BP ampoules 100mg x 5 x 1 pack

Maxolon Tablets 10mg x 25 tabs x 1

Stemetil Tablets 5mg x 25 tabs x 1

Avomine travel sickness tablets 10 tabs x 1

Panadol 48 mini caps x 1

Disprin 24 tabs x 1

Stemetil nausea tablets x 25 x 1

Avomine 25mg tablets x 30 x 1

Travel Calm tablets x 10 x 1

Travel Calm travel band x 1

Blackmores Travel clam Ginger 45 tablets x 2

Anticol lozenge x 1

Butter Menthol lozenge x 1

Betadine shore throat gargle x 1

Diarrhoea Relief tablets x 20 x 1

Sudafed nasal decongestant tabs x 12 x 2

Sudafed nasal decongestant spray x 1

Codral Day & Night cold and flu tablets x 24 x 1

Panadine Forte Tablets 500mg/30mg x 20 tabs x 1

Dentist in a box emergency dental kit

Sterile Suture Pack #2 multigate x 1

Gastrolyte  Diarrhoea sachets x 10 x 1


Basic dressing pack x 4

Sterilizer dressing large assorted x 6

Sterilizer dressing small assorted x 9

Assorted bandages x 12

Blood pressure machine x 1

Stethoscope x 1

CPR mask x 1 small x 1 large

Burn Aid Gel Tube 50g x 1

Burn Aid Gel Tube 25g x 1

Rapaid Antiseptic Skin relief Cream tube x 25g x 2

Rapaid Antiseptic Spray  50ml x 1

Providone-Iodine Solution 100ml x 1

Aerowash Eye and wound irrigation x 6

Chlorhexidine and Cetrimide irrigation sterile 30ml x 6

Triangular Bandage x 5

Thermal Shock Blanket x 2

Conforming Gauze Bandage assorted x 6

AeroGlove Sterile x 7

Nurses watch x 1

Pupil gauge Light x 1

Pen and notebook x 1 each

Scissors x 2

Safety Pins assorted x 1

Tweezers x 1

Splinter probes x 10

Germ Buster hand wash 150ml tube x 2

Burn Aid dressing sterile pad x 1

Aeroplast instant Ice Pack x 2

Cotton Buds x 100 x 1

Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tape x 1

Assorted roles of tape x 3

Sentry Sterile medical wound dressing x 4

Aero wound Sterile dressing x 2

AeroPlast fabric dressing large x 1

AeroPlast fabric dressing small x 1

Aerowipe 100 alcohol swabs x 1

Aeroplast butterly closure strips x 10 x 1

Contaminated sharps container x 1

 medical kits