Pendana, hull #20 is a Nordhavn PAE 62' (LOA 68') and is built from the ground up to cross oceans.  Pendana and all Nordhavn 62s have been described by experts as "The finest oceangoing luxury yacht ever produced under 70feet".  Capable of cruising non-stop in excess of 3,000 nautical miles (5,556 kilometres) at 9 knots, it is a vessel that is designed to travel the world's oceans.

Pendana was originally commissioned by the famous Mickey Smith and was the most expensive Nordhavn ever built at the time.  With more options and electrical redesign than specs Pendana was an absolute standout both then and now.  From closed core decking, both 12v and 24v power, hydraulic get home drive making her the fastest and most economical 62 cruising today and enough power to run everything while at anchor without a generator she sure set a new standard in the boating world.  In fact, Nordhavn were so impressed that Mickey Smith was offered a job with PAE (makers of Nordhavn) where he remained for around ten years and is responsible for the electrical set up of most Nordhavns today.

Both my wife and I have loved the ocean all our lives and have had many boats over the years but for us, this is our dream boat and when considering what to buy the choice was very clear.  There are very few boats that are truly built to cross oceans.  Thankfully Pendana is one of them.



The two original N62 brochures can be downloaded here and here 

From Family to crew 

The Name - What Does It Mean?

Pendana, the word comes from the Swahili language and means to love one another.  The Swahili Dictionary states:

Noun Class/Verb Class reciprocal Part of Speech verb Terminology general English Headword love English Example Translation The journey made them love one another.  English Notes Translation to the English word - to love one another

Noun Class/Verb Class reciprocal

Part of Speech verb

Terminology general

English Headword love

English Example The journey made them love one another.

English word - to love one another


The Numbers



69'0'' (20.9 m) 




60'6'' (18.4 m) 

Max. Draft:

6'10'' (2.1 m) 


67'6'' (20.6 m) 


 32.8ft / 10 metres


19'4'' (5.9 m) 

MFG Length:

62'0'' (18.9 m) 

Speed, Capacities and Weight

Cruise Speed:

9 knot (10 mph) 


150,000 lb (68,040 kg) 

Max Speed:

11 knot (13 mph) 

Gross Tonnage:


Fuel Capacity:

2,575 gal (9,746 l) 



Water Capacity:

525 gal (1,987 l) 



Holding Tank:

140 gal (530l) 



Hull and Deck Information

Hull Material:


Hull Designer:

J Lieshman 

Deck Material:

Teak Over Fiberglass 

Hull Color:


Hull Configuration:

Full Displacement 

Hull Finished:


Engine Information



E Type:




Fuel Type: