Adios Washington

  •  4/13/2017 7:53:41 PM
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It is with some sadness that this is our last Seattle blog as we will soon be in sunny California and while we are looking forward to California we are truly going to miss Seattle.  We all truly loved Seattle and can only imagine how great this city would be in the summer months.  However, as time marches on, so must we and, as such, a summer in Seattle won’t be possible this time around. We have apparently survived one of the worst winters on record. Just our luck but we still love Seattle.  ...
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Almost Time to Say Goodbye!

First of all, my apologies, as it has been a very long time between blogs.  The reason for this is we have been thoroughly enjoying Seattle and all that it has to offer.  That, combined with a trip back to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii for the usual annual catch up with friends, doctors, dentist etc together, with finalising the first volume of ”Cruising Conversations, A Million Nautical Miles and Counting” and we have all been somewhat run off our feet!  I must say that Seattle is one hel...
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How the Numbers Stacked Up 1/6/2017 11:25

PLEASE NOTE ALL DOLLAR AMOUNTS REPORTED ARE IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS This will be the last year I report our annual numbers as I think that the value and the lessons to learn regarding this for prospective buyers, have now been well served. Each year, for the past five years, I have reported the costs involved of owning complex vessel such as Pendana.  These ocean-going vessels are like little micro cities capable of making electricity, storing electricity, compacting garbage, making fresh dri...
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The Finishing Touches

Phase three of our remodel is now complete and with that, our time here at Pacific Yacht Management (“PYM”) has now come to an end.  As such, this blog entry will be more a pictorial blog to show how everything came together during our time here in Seattle.  That being said, however, there is one thing that I really need to get off my chest before I begin. The reason this project has run so smoothly can be put down to three things.  Firstly, the people we used were almost as keen to get the jo...
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The superyachts Delta Marine make

Time at Delta Marine

Phase two began with our departure from SBMC and arrival at Delta Marine.  With a super moon coinciding with our lift and the notorious Duwamish River capable of delivering 5-6kts of current I was pleased that Delta Marine had scheduled our lift at slack water to ensure a safe exit onto dry land.  I decided to treat Pendana to the professional hands of Mr Graeme Heys from Delta Marine.  Graeme is not only a Superyacht and Large Ships Captain who is more at home with vessels in the 300-700ft pl...
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More Seattle Loving

As work continues on Pendana it was time to head up the Duwamish River and its industrialized estuary known as the Duwamish Waterway.  A pretty trip it wasn’t but it was necessary as we were headed to Delta Marine to have Pendana lifted from the water as phase two of our refit continues. We needed to do a few things least of all was to have a few coats of Seahawk Biocop TF (antifoul paint) applied to her hull. In my mind, I have broken this work into three sections.  Part One, demolition of ...
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