Pendana Back In LA

  •  2/17/2018 5:43:38 PM
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Our arrival into Los Angeles and safe harbour at the wonderful Marina del Rey went without a hitch but sadly, this will be our final leg on the West Coast of the USA.  The next time we head to sea will be to permanently say farewell to this side of America!  While it is always great coming into port there is a touch of sadness working its way through Pendana on this occasion.  In fact, more than a touch of sadness as this will be the last time we have Abi o board.  Abi has decided that she has ...
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Pendana Arrives Safely in San Diego

We have now arrived safe and sound in San Diego after a pleasant and very short run north.  Once again Pendana performed flawlessly and she continues to truly amaze me in every respect.  These Nordhavns are, in every sense of the word, complex vessels and, as such, they require a keen eye and/or a chequebook to keep them running.  From electrical generation, head systems (toilets) waste water, both black and grey, hydraulic systems, multiple pumps both electric and hydraulic, not to mention the ...
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Adios Ensenada

Our time here in Ensenada has flown by and within weeks we will be heading north to San Diego.  The reason we are headed back to Southern California is two-fold.  One, the state of California restricts foreign vessels and or non-state US registered vessels to a period of six months before they become eligible to pay state taxes. Secondly, the girls want to spend another six months in Southern California before we head south towards the Panama Canal.  Ensenada was, as I said in an earlier blog,...
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What a Surprise!

Well, well, well what a complete and total surprise!  Before deciding on which marina to stay in when we arrived in Ensenada, I decided to put the question to the Nordhavn Owners Group to get a little feedback.  The majority of folks suggested Hotel Coral & Marina with the balance opting for the marina downtown in the thick of the action called “Cruiseport”.  One thing that virtually all who responded indicated was that Ensenada is a small town. Head south!  Hell, what are we in for?  One can ...
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Pendana llega a México

Our trip to Ensenada was about as good as it gets.  The weather was perfect with little to no seas and calm winds.    We departed Marina del Rey at 11am and arrived in Ensenada Mexico the following morning at 6:30am just as the sun was casting enough light for safe entry.  As always, we arrived at high water on a slack tide which I believe is imperative when entering any new marina.  Abi handled the lines like a pro and Cmdr. Claire made the tie up look like a walk in the park.  It is amazing ...
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Pendana Still Loving LA!

**NEWS FLASH**  Some very sad news recently with the loss of MV Adventure in the Philippines.  I have just spoken with her owner who said, “I'm still a little 'shell-shocked' over the news. I'm currently touring around with my wife in our motor home in USA. We are on the way from Florida to Yellowstone when I heard the news. My boat is in Cebu, Philippines. We've had it based there for the past 5 years using it to cruise around Asia”. So sad I can’t imagine what that would be like being so far f...
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