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A pictorial tribute to Abi, who has now officially left Pendana.

From Sydney Newcastle Port Stephens - Gold Coast Brisbane Whitsunday Islands Vanuatu Fiji Samoa Kiribati Hawaii Kodiak Island Alaska Prince William Sound Seward Prince Rupert Vancouver Gulf Islands Victoria Port Angeles - Seattle Gig Harbor - San Juan Islands  San Francisco Los Angeles Ensenada and back to Los Angeles. Throw in England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Holland, Brussels, Singapore and no doubt a few others and there is little doubt Abi has seen and travelled a lot.  If travel enriches the soul and allows perspective, then our job as parents is done, if not, we have failed miserably! 

Abi has travelled on Pendana 21,800nms / 40,373klms at an average speed of 9kts / 10.3mph / 16.6klms meaning she has spent 2,422 hours underway or 100.9 days.  She has travelled the circumference of planet Earth which at the equator is about 24,902 miles (21,639nms / 40,075 km), even from pole-to-pole (the meridional circumference) Earth is 24,860 miles (21,602nms / 40,008 km). She has travelled about four-and-a-half times the (total) length of The Great Wall of China, or about nine times the Distance from L.A. to New York or, about one-tenth the Distance from Earth to the Moon and finally, she has travelled about 25,000,000,000,000,000 times the length of a Glucose Molecule. Impressive stuff for someone so young!

Abi has experienced everything from dead calm oceans to raging 34ft /10.3mtr seas, calm winds to severe gales topping 46kts and temperatures from 98f / 37c to 26f / -3c. She has laughed, cried and felt just about every emotion known to man but the reality is, she has achieved a great deal in a very limited time and our hope, as parents, is that the experience she has had, the good, great, bad and ugly will hold her in good standing in her life that is yet to come.

Adventure may hurt sometimes but monotony will kill all the time
We sure will miss our conning tower girl!

Stay Safe


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