Regards James

Its time.....

Regards James

Simply superb!

Gotta love Pendana's Pilothouse.  Simply has it all, as well as, great 360 degree visibility.

Boarding ladders, check

Time to put the toys on deck. Not so easy on your own! Regards James


Another beautiful night in Ensenada

You wont see this coming!

Colours of Mexico



Another beautiful day in Ensenada

Deer in Kodiak

One the classic photos of a Deer on Kodiak Island, Alaska.  Was just going through a few old snaps and come across this photo which for some reason I really like.

Entrance to Marina

Not what I would call an overly generous entrance to a marina, especially if there is any swell.  One needs to have their wits about them with this entrance. Feels a little like entering the Ballard Locks!  

Ship Faced heading north but not under its own power

Two Nordhavn Heading north and being loaded onto a larger ship here in Ensenada which will do the sea miles for them. Regards James

A wee Stingray making way

The things one sees while smoking.  Simply incredible.


When going to fast in rough seas does not work out the way one had expected. Now time to find the part number and get another cover ordered!

Pendana all fendered up

Being properly fendered is artwork and something that you cant do after the storm/surge arrives.  On occasion the surge in the marina can be challenging as such, nothign like a little preparation in advance to ensure a trouble free stay. 


Cuddles where are you?  Our Mexican stray getting up to no good.

Dolphins Guide Pendana into MX

Welcoming pod of dolphins guide Pendana into MX

Pendana Enters Mexican Water

Goodbye America

Pendana Arrives in San Diego

Safely tied up ready to take on fuel in the morning! Regards James


Pendana underway, departing Marina del Rey Los Angeles.

Pendana Ready to Depart

With Lance arriving from Hawaii to help out on the run south and all systems checked and double checked Pendana is ready to depart Los Angeles for her very last time.  WX looks great, boat looks great and goodbyes said to the locals.  Now all that is left to do is return rental car, unplug her from the shore power and fire up her mighty Cummins N14. 

Divers Cleaning Pendana’s Bottom

MDR Divers do a great job here in LA. Before our run south its important she is nice and clean. Even a small amount of growth on the hull impedes performance.

Oscar @ the ready

Oscar the Brave, keeping Cmdr Claire's chair warm and signals that he is ready to head for MX! 

Sth CA Coast so Protected

One thing I love about the LA coastline is that it is so protected. Just doing a few checks re WX for departure and its calm, calm, calm.  Currently we have a massive high pressure system moving in over CA bringing with it, clear skies, high temps and even calmer seas.  Pretty sure the run from LA to MX could be made at just about anytime due to the coastline topography.  Anyway, its  looking like perfect conditions for Pendana's departure! 

4th of July Fireworks

Marina del Rey put on a real show.  With streets closed and people everywhere the fireworks begun.  Certainly, Pendana had a great position.

Gearing up for the 4th of July

Marina getting ready for 4th of July celebrations. Lots of United States flags being placed everywhere.

Great Stainless Polish

Superior Shine With No Buffing: Star clean is a powerful cleaner/protector that leaves a high gloss finish without buffing. It is used on all metals; stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, chrome, gold, silver, but not silver plated objects. Star clean is very effective on enamel, ceramics, and fibreglass as well.  Great product, works and every boater should have a tube or two on-board.

Marine Stainless 2 in 1 is the MUST HAVE

Marine Stainless 2 in 1 is the MUST HAVE PRODUCT. It is an invisible, anti-corrosive treatment for Marine Stainless Steel, where the surface preparation is included with the protective solution. The slight abrasive properties clean and remove all dirt and contaminants, while the protective components adhere directly to the substrate to provide a long lasting, easy to clean and protected surface. The treatment is resistant to friction, is and will not crack, peel or turn "yellow" after long term outdoor exposure. Treated surfaces repel water and are protected against the elements. Its been four + years since we had to polish our stainless!

Queen Mary

A quick drive south to Long Beach to see the Queen Mary. Her job is as a tourist attraction and this mighty ship has hull lines that today, are still remarkable. Such a beautiful ship!

Cruising Conversations - A Million Nautical Miles and Counting, volume one

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to travel the world on your own boat Cruising Conversations - A Million Nautical Miles and Counting, volume one, is a must read for all who dream of one day heading to sea to explore the world and its oceans. Global cruisers talk openly and honestly about what its really like to spend their life on the water and share insights and lessons learned that only come from crossing oceans.

Course Plotting Time

Its now time to plot our course to San Diego and then onto Mexico. We are headed to San Diego first to refuel and also do an oil change on the main before heading further south as we depart US waters and enter Mexico. From there, we will move further south to Cabo, Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Bahamas and then back into the USA in Florida.

The Master@ Work!

EJ at work applying some additional protection to the boxes on Pendana's foreboxes

EJ (right) bought in to sort out the crew!

EJ with his long time friend Captain Lee Rosbach on the Andy Cohen Show.

The boys from Canada get stuck in.

EJ and James get started making Pendana pop!

LAX Time

Off to LAX to pick up the boys from Top Notch Yacht Services who I have flown down to LA.